Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Objects to define.

Objects in your life that define who you are?
Think hard because these are objects that describe a way
(done by: Reece Baxter)

Corporatally Identified

Identifying oneself corporately is a major part of a Designers career
also it is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. This is the struggles
of my hard labour and our first project back at college.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moody Portaits


A moody photoshoot resulted in some pretty good pics
even if I have to say so myself i'm pretty chuffed


  This is a poster I did for church. I am aware of the plagiarism with the apple logo
but it is for church and not an ad campaign...I'm just saying.

These banners were for a music preaching series in youth called Uncut
it was my first project for youth


This is some amazing CGI I found at an amazing tutorial website called psdtuts+ they post an article every now and then of professional CGI art and this is there latest. The original postis called
eye candy creattica  go check it out for more details

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Th(ink) Poster

A socially responsible poster designed by me for class. It was really difficult taking the photo because I at the time didn't have enough knowledge on photographic lighting, I also didn't have enough lights.But I feel I got the message across

One of my proud moments last year was when I completed this poster,
it was for  an energy drink brand we had to create for class . I had some difficulty portraying an abstract idea and feeling rather than a tangible thing.

This was my funky moment this year
I got asked to do some graphics for church so I was able to get in touch with my young self I really had to wing this one because I didn't have allot of planing time. But I feel it was successful

"Virgin" Inspiration

In class we got asked to recreate a logo completely on Illustrator with simple shapes, we also got told that the font also had to be done completely with shapes and the manipulation of shapes unto that we also had to come up with different colour arrangements. So I chose the logo of a brand that I completely look up to. Virgin to me is the epitome of branding throughout all their numerous products all the branding and advertising has a similar concept and simple idea. Virgin to me is also one of the biggest brands that encapsulates an entire lifestyle from services to products and does it in a seamless effortless way.

Thursday, March 17, 2011