Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iconic Redesign

We had a project to redesign an iconic brand in SA and come up with an advertising solution for the brand, we had a choice between: yum yum peanut butter; Mageau no 1; Glenryck Pilchards and Ouma rusks. I chose Ouma rusks and recreated the packaging and came up with an advertising solution of remembering your first time you had an Ouma. My Idea could be interpreted in various ways and for me was the best solution for topical advertising, I had various ideas for the slogan "Remember your first dip" was my final decision. It could have been edgy or really simple I chose to stick with simple because as a brand Ouma really isn't edgy it is a more traditional brand and maybe if need be it could be a bit tongue and cheek but not as daring as brands like Nando's. So thats is why my advertising is simple and clean.

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