Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hillarious Illustrated

#thought Dammit now I don't know where to start... O well first come first serve
 Well laugh abit or alot because this is laugh worthy material. But never forget the talent look at the detail and amazing artwork come together with ingenious concepts. This is the work of Illustrator Tiago Hoisel.

Im gonna show these skinny girls how to partaaay!... At the beach ofcourse O_O

Ooooh I wonder what this flower does?

Eureka!!!!!!!!! I've finally completed the first part of my plan to conquer the world... Or atleast a small part of it. I dont wanna land up like Hitler!

Do you really wanna kiss me... Do you?.. Really?

I am going to find this Salvador Dali everyone is talking about and ask him to create me proper legs dammit... Oh and some clothes

Now you listen to me you overgrown ape!


O_O Mom?!!!!!!

Welcome to the family please, make yourself at home.

Mom! This is not what you think... Its a aaaaah? #whisper help me out guy. Uhhh huh!! it is a science project we are educating ourselves about the formula structure of plant matter and its reactive qualities when set alight

Now everyone say cheese !... Not you steroid junkie this ain't no body building contest go find some weights to go lift or something

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