Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vitamin Water with an Interesting Twist

In the world of designing, remaking or re-branding a concept might just be the boost a product needs to increase sales, but one must be careful for re-branding consists of a whole lot more than just a logo.
In this instance we had to re-brand a famous brand but with a twist e.g. meat flavoured bubblegum, onion scented soap etc. I chose one of my favourite drinks Vitamin Water and decided to re-brand it
and the twist is flavour specific but the general twist is instant intelligence. Basically my product has a chemical in it that allows you to utilize the full power of you brain instantly hence the inspiration for the name of my product Brain[HI]Dr8. Sounds too good to be true well it is for the side effects can be a real pain!

Fainting apple has the tendency well to make people faint instantly after drinking.. But you will become intelligent!
 Heartburn lemon tends to give our customers severe heartburn instantly... But you will become intelligent!
 although It seems very hydrating Dehydrate Grape dehydrates you instantaneously... But it will make you clever!   
 Bladder berry is slightly embarrassing because you lose control of you bladder instantly... But it will make you clever

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